Thought for the Day

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Life is a circle. Where we start we end there. ie. the starting point and the ending point is the same. We came from God and we return back to Him after completing the tasks assigned to us by Him in that birth. Here whatever I refer as "we" is our Soul referred as Athma. Jeevathma merges with Paramathma. "We" is not the body. The body is the case where the jeevathma exists while on a birth-death cycle. Once jeevathma comes out the body looses its value. As said by Bhagawan Sri Krishna in Bhagawad Gita we did not bring anything with us when we came to this earth hence we do not take anything back also from here. The only asset or liability we own is our punyams - good deeds and pavams - bad deeds. This is the same for all living beings - from a minutest living organism to a mighty one. The cases where the jeevathma exists differs based on its pavams and punyams. As always said in holy scripts the human being is the only living being bestowed with a sixth sense by God. Alas , many fail to realize this and still exists as animals with five senses only. The sixth sense is the ability to realize God - Self Realization - "Aham Brahmasmi" - God resides everywhere - Omnipresent - means He is there everywhere - within you, within a stone - as said by Prahalad and demonstrated by Narasimha Avatharam of Bhagawan Vishnu.

Golden Thoughts

"Deivam Manushya Roopena" - Means You see God's grace through other human beings who come to your help in hour of need - So Serve others and spread the sense of love and affection. Lust, Anger, Pride, Jealousy, Ego - these are 5 main dirts that separates the jeevathma from the paramathma. This reaps hatred and hence cleanse your soul of these dirts - you will realize divinity within you and will live a peaceful life - We can build a peaceful world.
"Parobakaram Idham Shareeram" - Means this human body is bestowed to us by God to serve others - So willingly help the needy. Do not misuse your body for mean acts. It is disrespect to the Almighty within you.
"Aham Brahmasmi" - means God resides in you - So God is not just there in your pooja room or temple - but everywhere including within you - So feel the presence of God - He drives every action of us.
Praying the Almighty to thank him for giving this birth, fulfilling our duties ,living a selfless life serving the needy, following the principles of "Live and let Live" - Ahimsa and sharing love and affection to all around us is the purpose of this birth as a "Human Being".

Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi!!!