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This is my dreamchild! It has come alive now at last after much thoughts and deliberations.
I take pride in bringing this in memory of my beloved father Shri M.R.Venkataraman who is fondly referred by many in his close circle as M.R.V.

Thanksgiving letter to my father.

Dear Father

Whatever I am today is because of you. You brought me alive to this earth , showed me the right path in life and instilled all good values. Your righteousness, truthfulness, courage, perseverance, simplicity, bountiful knowledge, innovativeness is all what I would like to imbibe in my life.

Your greatness was unfortunately not cherished when you were alive but remembered now with much pain in my heart. You were born on the day of Saraswathi Pooja and hence you were showered with plentiful knowledge and wisdom by the Goddess.You are a very great soul. Your birth and death were on very auspicious days in a very auspicious month of the year - purataasi. This year it is your 77th birth anniversary as well as 10th death anniversary. So i pledge my obeisance and salutations to you, dear Dad! Much of your inborn skills were not recognized but I had always admired your Shakespearean English. You always had the good habit of penning down your thoughts point blank. This transparency and straight forwardness is somewhat inherited by me too which is what is now driving me to publish this site. I hope with your aaseervadhams this work will become a success and will be cherished by many.

My sincere Namaskarams.

Your beloved