Bhagawad Geeta

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Chapter Vice - Verses:


My sincere thanks to Lord Krishna for making me complete this penance of updating verse by verse of Bhagawad Gita in the website! Though this should have been completed 2.5 yrs earlier going by the daily updates, owing to many obstacles in the path of my penance it took 4.5 yrs nearly since i started the website in Oct 2013.

Thanks to the store of information already made available by great souls on Gita in internet without which i could not have done this task.

References were taken from the following sites:

Whoever starts reading Gita pray Lord Krishna to help you complete the journey. Gita is special of all religious scriptures of our ancient Hinduism as it is God's own speech on how one should lead his life to attain Him at the end. "Charity begins at home" as the wordings go. We can replace Charity with other good habits too. Parents first equip yourself with good moral values before trying to inculcate the same in your children! Parents are the first practical example for any character that you would like to build in your child. The next person who influence the child is his/her teachers in school. I therefore request schools to take moral education as an important subject to be preached and also followed by teachers of the school.

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Sarvam Krishnaarpanamasthu! Om Tat Sat!